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The Grand Processional of Our Reptilian Overlords - SCORE ONLY

The Grand Processional of Our Reptilian Overlords - SCORE ONLY

"How did this happen?" "Where did they come from?" "Why are they here?" "And what is to become of us?" These are the questions being asked all around the world as news outlets broadcast the final stage of the undercover worldwide reptilian alien coup that, for over a century, has been slowly taking place before our very eyes, yet without our knowlege.


As the Supreme Leader of the reptilians slowly and ceremoniously makes their way to the royal palace, tail flicking and tongue darting in and out, the gathering masses, led by our former world leaders chant quietly, reverently, and fearfully. However, as the music reaches its climax, our former presidents, prime ministers, kings, dictators, pull off their masks revealing their true reptilian forms. Roars of approval go up from the reptilian throng before the ceremony concludes with the same quiet chanting that opened the piece. But who are they? What do they want? And what is to become of us?

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