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Bock Fanfares - FULL SET

Bock Fanfares - FULL SET

Bock Fortress or Bockfiels as it is called in the native dialect, has stood since at least 723 A.D. on a rocky promentory overlooking the present-day town of Luxembourg City. Over the centuries, the fortress was the site of many military conflicts as it was one of the most strategic strongholds in Northern Europe. Armies of Burgundy, Hapsburg, Spain, Prussia, and France fought for control of the fortress, resulting in repeated repairs and reinforcements to the fortress. Today, the ruins of Bock Fortress still stand overlooking the historic district of Luxembourg City and its extensive network of passages and galleries are a popular tourist attraction. Bock Fanfares was commissioned by Demosthenes Dimitrakoulakos for the Symphonic Band of the International School of Luxembourg in honor of the school's 50th anniversary.

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